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atrauliAtrauli is one of the oldest cities in Uttar Pradesh located in Aligarh district. The city derives its name from Atri Muni who once visited the place, to honour his visit the city was named after the saint. Atrauli lies close to the right bank of sacred River Ganges. The city is a municipal board and it operates under the Aligarh division. The Atrauli Tehsil headquarters is sited in Atrauli town. The city is just 30 km from Aligarh. Also the city lies close to Narora Atomic power plant in about 20 km. The city is famous for its milk collection centres with its centres named Balaji, Tulsi, Paras, Shahji, Nova and many other dairy centres. The city is also the home town of the great music legend Ustad Alladiya Khan, who was the founder of the music school named Jaipur-Atrauli gharana. People of all religion and communities reside in Atrauli; Hindi and Urdu were the main spoken languages of the people living here.

Geography of Atrauli

Atrauli is elevated above sea level in about 136 m that is nearly 446 feet. The city coordinates at 27.18° north latitude and 80.68° east longitude. The city is surrounded by Bijauli Tehsil in the east, Jawan Sikanderpur Tehsil in the west, Danpur Tehsil in the north and Dibai Tehsil towards south. The city lies close to Aligarh district and its neighbouring district borders like Bulandshahr District Dibai. The city is very hot during summers and cold during winter.


The total population of Atrauli as per 2011 census was 50, 412 people who were spread in a density of 3015.1 inch/ sq.km in about 16.72 sq.km.

Tourist Places near Atrauli

The city lies close to many tourist locations within the state like Mathura, Vrindavan, Bulandshahr and Dabchick, which can be reached through roadways and railways from the city.

Administration in Atrauli

The municipal board Atrauli is one of the seven tehsils in Aligarh apart from Khair, Gabhana, Iglas and Koli and it forms an important administrative block in the district. Rajkumari Chauhan is the current acting MP of Aligarh constituency. Viresh Yadav is the current MLA of city and Mohd Shahid Ghazi the current counsellor of the Atrauli Nagar Palika Parishad. The district magistrate-DM is in charge of revenue collection and enforcement of the rules and regulations stated by the Central and State government in Atrauli. T. Venkatesh is the current district magistrate. The Nagar Palika Parishad forms the local self-government in Atrauli.

Lifestyle of Atrauli

People are modest and very kind. The traditional beliefs are still followed in the city. Pujas and prayers are given much importance as they are very devoted to God. The modern lifestyle has also influenced the city. The beauty parlours in Atrauli offers various beauty services to its customers and this is where the brides of Atrauli get groomed, other services offered are mehandi, hair styles, haircuts, facials, bleaching, waxing, threading and many more. Here is the list of few beauty parlours in Atrauli.

List of Beauty Parlours in Atrauli

Jyoti Beauty Parlour
Atrauli, Aligarh- 202280
Phone no.: + (91)-9012750711
Landmark: Near Atrauli Railway Station

Jyoti Beauty Parlour
Peer Bahadur
Dhobi Wali Gali
Atrauli, Aligarh- 202280
Phone no.: + (91)-7500575816, 9761971877
Landmark: Near Saraiwali

Gym in Atrauli

The Robost gym in Atrauli has a quality fitness studio and an experienced trainer to train the younger citizens of Atrauli on body fitness.

Robost Gym
Manish Garg
Badaa Bajar Atrauli Road
Chaudhariyan Mohalla
Atrauli, Aligarh- 202280
Phone no.: + 91 84 45 962829

Transport Services in Atrauli

The city is well connected with roadways, major district roadways MDR 74c runs through the heart of Atrauli which connects the city with its adjacent cities in Aligarh. Other main roadways in the city are Aligarh road, Kasganj road and Ramghat road. The UPSTRC bus station is available in the city through which travellers can reach the neighbouring cities, districts and states from Atrauli. Apart from this private bus, government bus, autos, cabs and taxis aid the local transport in the city. The city doesn’t own as airport the nearby airports from Atrauli are Kheria airport at 109.5 km and Indira Gandhi International airport at 122.1 km from the centre of the city.

Atrauli Road Railway Station

The Atrauli road railway station belongs to the northern railway zone with station code AUR. The station belongs to Moradabad junction. About 8 trains passes through the city they are Aligarh - Bareilly Passenger (54351), Aligarh - Bareilly Passenger (54353), Aligarh - Moradabad Passenger (54391), Bandikui - Bareilly Passenger (54461), Bareilly - Aligarh Passenger (54352), Bareilly - Aligarh Passenger (54354), Bareilly - Bandikui Passenger (54462) and Moradabad - Aligarh Passenger (54392).

Car Rental Services in Atrauli

The car rental agencies in Atrauli provide car for tours and travels at a charge based on the duration of hire and the distance to travel.

Khan Car Hire Wale
Mohalla Peer Bahadur
Atrauli, Aligarh - 202280
Phone no.: + (91)-9751564042

Mohanlal Travels
Gram Jamanpur
Post Bemveerpur
Atrauli, Aligarh - 202280
Phone no.: + (91)-9761790167, 9719677262

Transporters in Atrauli

The transporters aid in shifting logistics from one place to another. Here is the list of few tranporters agencies in Atrauli.

M S Transport Com
Chara Stand
Aligarh Road
Atrauli, Aligarh - 202280
Phone no.: + (91)-8126708362, 8126664596, 9759117247, 8126678640

Upadhyay Transporter Company
P.o Atrauli
Atrauli, Aligarh - 202280
Phone no.: + (91)-9759812250, 9152811214

Om Transport Company
Village Northa
Atrauli, Aligarh - 202280
Phone no.: + (91)-9760983648, 8273874535

Business in Atrauli

The city does agriculture and dairy collection as main occupation. The city is not industrial base; the government of Uttar Pradesh has introduced many schemes to entrepreneurs in the rural cities like Atrauli to start their business. Here are the details of few companies in Atrauli.

Shyam Industries
Ramghat Road
Atrauli, Aligarh- 202280
Phone no.: +91 99 10 060345

Brick Kiln
Atrauli, Aligarh- 202280

Om Iron Store
Aligarh Road, Umrao Ganj
Atrauli, Aligarh- 202280
Phone no.: 9412654257
Landmark: Near Hanuman Chowk

Healthcare Facilities in Atrauli

The city is famous for its homeopathy medicine system as it operates few homeopathy clinics. Also the city has popular hospitals which provide quality healthcare treatments to its citizens. The department of family and healthcare records the healthcare process in the city in case of critical illness, surgeries and accident cases along with the availability of required drugs in the city. Here is the list of few hospitals in the city.

List of Hospitals in Atrauli

Ladies Hospital
Umraw ganj
Atrauli, Aligarh- 202280

Prathamik Swasthya Kendra
Ramghat Road
Atrauli, Aligarh- 202280

Shrinath Hospital
Kasganj Road, Chharra
Atrauli, Aligarh- 202280
Phone no.: (5723) 222299, 9411041694
Landmark: Near Shanthi Niketan

Homeopathic Clinics in Atrauli

The homeopathy system of medicines cure illness using dilute medicines which causes zero side effects on human body. Here is the list of homeopathic clinics in Atrauli.

Ashok Homeopathy Clinic
Kattri Para Road, Mughalan
Atrauli, Aligarh- 202280
Phone no.: (5723) 233846, 9412601079
Landmark: Near Mughalan Bus Stand

Sanjay Homeopathy Clinic
Aligarh road, Bada Bazaar
Atrauli, Aligarh- 202280
Phone no.: (5723) 233475, 9411605280
Landmark: Near Bada Bazaar Bus Stand

Parmarth Homeopathy Clinic
Shiv Mandir Street, Sarai Tota Ram
Atrauli, Aligarh- 202280
Phone no.: 9927012366
Landmark: Near Shiv Mandir

Pathology Lab Atrauli

The Lal path lab in Atrauli is a pathology-diagnostic centre that runs series of tests in patient’s samples to predict the cause of their illness.

Lal Path Labs: Lal Path Building, Ram Ghat Road, Atrauli, Aligarh- 202280
Phone no.: 9927248471, 9837041035
Landmark: Near Atrauli Bus Stand

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